Friday, October 7, 2011

She was a very sad fish-lady...


Eros knew it was odd to keep a fresh-water mermaid in a cast-iron and ceramic tub in his basement, but he wasn’t entirely sure what to do with her. She was lonely and sad, since she’d washed out of the canal during the last flood. He asked if she wanted to return to her people. She said no, her people would not want her back. A few times, in the month since he’d rescued her, he’d thought about asking why. But did not. Something in her magenta eyes helped him hold his tongue. He thought, sometimes, that he loved her.


  1. this reminds me of a story of the mermaid of Utrecht, except she very much wanted to go back.

    Did she love him?

  2. Huh. Never heard of it. I will look for it though! Dunno if she loved him. Maybe.

  3. Wonder what I would do if I had a pet mermaid....