Friday, March 22, 2013

Shitty poems for fun but never profit.

I am a ram. 
A biblical ram
One they build altars for
on Saturday morning television
reruns. The altars are made
from smooth round stone
without an ocean in sight
in the desert
among the sharp rocks
and burning bushes

The ram is sacrificed
that is what needs to be done
to maintain order in the world

Sacrifice me
maintain order
make it right
shelved by Dewey number
the only thing
that makes the world clean
a number 
on a label 
on a shelf
set on fire
as the ram screams
I scream
I scream to make the collections
make sense
with file and order
but it's not a shelf
it is the universe
 I am a ram
to keep the universe
as it ought
on schedule
so they say
when they talk 
of such things
fire and stones and television
and no angels
stopping the hand of the faithful
at that last moment
the ram is necessary. 
Because of the ram the world turns. 
Sacrifice me so it may go on. 

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